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Navigating the intricacies of immigration can be daunting, but with EMICK, it’s a journey you won’t undertake alone.
As Kenya’s top-tier immigration experts, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring smooth transitions, whether you’re seeking to visit, study, work, or make Kenya your home. We take pride in our deep understanding of Kenya’s immigration laws, ensuring our clients are always in able hands.

Who We Are

We are a Kenyan-based immigration consultancy company dedicated to providing our clients with a seamless hassle-free Kenyan immigration experience through sound and accurate advisory, guidance, and procurement of immigration-related documentation.
At EMICK, our clients are our priority. We are guided by the principles of honesty, quality, integrity, fairness, and efficiency to provide supreme service. We meticulously assess each client’s profile and identify their best fit in terms of immigration needs. We offload the burden of wading through the murky waters of the complex Kenyan immigration environment so that you can concentrate on more important matters.

Our list of services.

The Electronic Travel Authorization is a single entry travel authorization that allows a foreigner to enter Kenya. All foreigners(adults and children) except nationals from the East Africa partner states(Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan are exempt from applying for ETA. 

For business, employment, consultancy, or long-term residency in Kenya, ensure you have the appropriate class of permit for your needs.

For individuals aspiring to become Kenyan citizens, we guide them through the eligibility and application processes.

A mandatory registration for foreigners above 18 years with valid residency status in Kenya. It provides residency rights and other benefits.

For those who’ve legally stayed in Kenya for a certain duration prescribed by the law and would wish for a permanent stay without frequent permit renewals.

Suitable for those traveling to Kenya for short-term assignments not exceeding 6 months.

For foreign students in Kenya. A student pass is mandatory to pursue education in the country.

As you intend to carry out your valuable research in Kenya, ensure you obtain a research pass for you to be compliant with the immigration laws and regulations.

For those wanting to bring their loved ones during their stay in Kenya, ensuring their legal residency.

Allows multiple entries to Kenya for dependant pass holders during the period of its validity.

Issued to foreigners offered internship positions in Kenya.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. The law requires every foreigner to register as a foreigner for stays exceeding 90 days

No. You can only apply and obtain the Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA)through online government site (

All you need is a short-term work authorization document known as a Special Pass. Its issued for periods ranging from one month and up to six months

Yes. We can help you with the appeal process. Kindly reach out to us.

The 2010 Constitution allows for dual Citizenship. Please check whether your country’s Laws allow for Dual Citizen

They are not allowed to work if they are on dependent pass status. However, if they wish to work, they can apply for the relevant class of work permit.

Our team of seasoned immigration consultants will be more than happy to support you. Please get in touch!

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