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Easy Move Immigration Consultants Kenya (EMICK) Limited

At EMICK, we pride ourselves on guiding individuals and businesses through the maze of Kenyan immigration processes. Our range of services caters to various immigration needs, ensuring a seamless journey for every client.

1. Visas

Whether you’re planning a short trip or extended visits to Kenya, obtaining the right visa is essential. At EMICK, we guide you through the application process, ensuring you get a visa tailored to the nature and frequency of your visits. It’s important to note that these visas do not permit one to carry out employment-related activities whether voluntary or paid.

2. Permanent Residency

Have you called Kenya home for years and now wish to solidify your stay? Our team can help you secure your Permanent Residency, eliminating the hassle of frequent permit renewals. Experience the beauty of Kenya without interruption.

3. Permits

From business endeavors to employment opportunities or even long-term residency, obtaining the right permit is crucial. We provide expert advice and assistance in procuring the ideal permit for your unique circumstances, ensuring you can live, work, or conduct business with peace of mind.

4. Foreigner Certificate (Alien Card)

Are you a foreign national over 18 years old and residing in Kenya? By law, you must obtain the Foreigner Certificate. Not only does this card grant residency rights, but it also simplifies daily life, from driving to avoiding the constant need to present a passport. Let EMICK streamline this process for you.

5. Special Pass

Are you traveling to Kenya for a short-term assignment that is not exceeding 6 months? The special pass is the ideal document for you.

6. Citizenship

Issued to individuals who wish to become Kenyan citizens. There are various routes and circumstances by which one can qualify to apply for citizenship.

7. Student/Pupil Pass

For international students eager to explore Kenya’s educational offerings, a Student or Pupil Pass is a must-have. EMICK assists students in obtaining this vital document, ensuring a smooth academic journey in Kenya.

8. Dependant Pass

Family is everything. If you’re in Kenya for work or other long-term reasons, we understand the need to have your loved ones close. Our team aids in securing a Dependant Pass, ensuring your family members can stay with you legally.

9. Research Pass

Planning to conduct research in Kenya? It’s essential to remain compliant with Kenyan laws. Our experts at EMICK will assist in obtaining the necessary Research Pass, letting you focus on your research without worries.

10. Re-entry Pass

For those with a Dependant Pass, multiple entries into Kenya can become tedious. Our Re-entry Pass service simplifies this, allowing multiple entries without the recurring visa application process.

11. Internship Pass

Congratulations on securing an internship in Kenya! To ensure your stay is legal and compliant, EMICK is here to guide interns in obtaining the necessary Internship Pass, allowing you to focus on your professional growth.

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