Obtaining Permanent Residence in Kenya

There are various ways in which one can become a permanent resident in Kenya, the below are just some of the ways in which one can be eligible.

  •  Holders of work/ residence permit- These are foreign individuals who have been legally working in Kenya for a continuous period of not less than seven(7) years.

  • Holders of dependant pass- Ordinarily these are family members or dependants of the work/residence permit holder who are accompanying the work permit holder. Family members who fall in this category include the spouse(of the opposite sex) biological children/legal guardianship children and occasionally parents.
  • Children born outside Kenya by parents who are Kenyan citizens but these children hold citizenship/residency of their country of residence.
  • Persons who were citizens by birth but have since renounced/lost citizenship due to other reasons such as marriage or as per the laws of the country of which they applied to be citizens
  • Foreign spouses of Kenya citizens who have been  married for a period of at least 3years
  • Foreign widows/widowers of Kenyan citizens

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