The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Interior and National Administration vide Legal Gazette Notice No. 15492, Vol. CXXV No. 241 dated 14th November 2023, announced adjustments to the fees charged for various immigration services. The changes that were to
be effected on 1 January 2024 by the State Department for Immigration and Citizen
Services(SDICS)were temporarily suspended by the courts citing a lack of public participation before its implementation. In adherence to the court’s advice, public participation was conducted between 14 November 2023 and 5 December 2023.


The State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services(SDICS) implemented the new fees on 8 April 2024.

Potential Implications:

Revenue. The fee adjustments are anticipated to boost government revenue collection by a significant margin, however, concerns arise regarding its long-term viability. The State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services(SDICS) implemented the new fees on 8 April

Passports. The introduction of express passports albeit at a cost of Kshs. 30,000 will be advantageous to travelers with urgent travel arrangements. It is also envisaged that the backlog created due to the shortage of passport booklets and printing machines will be eased as the government moves to address the procurement hiccups. However, the revised fees
may pose affordability challenges to many Kenyans grappling with the current harsh economic times.

Employers. The revised work permit fees are likely to put more financial strain on organizations hiring foreign employees. The sustainability of these expenses without business disruptions are uncertain and we might witness companies cutting down on their expatriate workforce

Business shifts. Compared to her East African neighbors, Kenya may lose its African standing
as the best destination for doing business as investors may shift their operations to other countries with favorable business environments. This will likely lead to direct and indirect job
losses resulting in a significant economic crunch for many households.

Key highlights and new service introductions

  • Express work permits
  • Express passports
  • Sanction fees for overstaying
  • Re-processing fee for work permit appeals
  • Extension of visitor’s pass fee
  • All work permit processing fees except for Class I(missionaries and charitable organizations) and Class M(Refugees) will now cost Kshs. 20,000.
Service Previous issuance feeRevised issuance fee
Special pass per (month)Kshs. 15,000$200 per month
Work permit Class D-employment (per year)Kshs. 200,000Kshs. 500,000
Work permit Class G-trade, business or consultancy (per year)Kshs. 100,000 Kshs. 250,000
Citizenship processing feeNilKshs. 20,000
Sanction fees for overstayingNil$50
Alien Card Registration (per year)Kshs. 1,000Kshs. 5000
Dependant passKshs. 5,000Kshs. 10,000
Student/pupils pass (per year)Kshs. 5000$100
Express PassportNilKshs. 30,000
Express work permitNil$10,000

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